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7 Ways for Women to be Mentally at Their Best

Women play a major role in taking care of the home and family in addition to their careers. Tending to the everyday demands and stressors, however, can sometimes come at the expense of neglecting themselves.

Good mental health is as important as good physical health, regardless of age or sex. But mental disorders affect the sexes differently — some disorders are more common in women, and some express themselves with different symptoms. For example, depression, anxiety and phobias are twice as likely in women than in men.

At the office of Dr. Karen Alleyne, your emotional health is our top priority, and we’ll help you take meaningful steps to enhance your life by addressing your symptoms, exploring their causes, and employing the necessary therapies to rid you of them.

Ways to empower yourself:

Just as physical health needs to be taken care of by eating right and exercising, mental health needs to be tended to as well. Some tips:

  1. Manage stress by identifying triggers and coping skills. Managing stress is about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way you deal with problems.

  2. Seek family support. This can help you deal with stressful situations and manage problems in a more positive way.

  3. Eat a healthy diet. The food you eat can have a direct effect on your physical health and mood. Seek out fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

  4. Exercise. It has been shown to help with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Plus, it’s great for relieving stress and improving mood.

  5. Get a good night’s sleep. Your mind and body will feel better if you sleep well. Both need time to rest, restore and heal.

  6. Make time for you. It’s important to carve out time to do something for yourself – something as simple as a bubble bath, going for a walk or calling a friend.

  7. Seek professional help. If you find you are unable to cope and frequently find yourself overwhelmed with no network of support, seek help early on.

Dr. Alleyne’s 100% video-based psychiatric practice will connect with you in meaningful ways. We’ll work together to reduce your symptoms of depression, anxiety and other conditions to help you live a better, more fulfilling life. For more information on the full spectrum of services we provide, give us a call today.

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